We introduce our self as one of the fastest growing consultancy engaged into IT Solutions. Our Company was established in Mumbai Since 1999.

Initially we have served our valued home customers. Now we are entered into small, medium & big corporate customers. We know the need of our customers & with our prompt and easy solution provided by skilled technical persons.

VISCOM staff of support specialists, on-site field engineers and certified consultants are highly skilled professionals. Each will give you the Best possible support you need to successfully maintain your mission-critical computer hardware and software.

We are a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations in commercial and public sector organisations of many differing sizes. From business transformation through to optimizing information gathering and systems integration, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassle out of your IT infrastructure.
Asking for independent help can sometimes be perceived as relinquishing the control and direction of your project. However, knowing when to consult with industry experts for the areas of your business where there may be knowledge gaps has always proven to be a beneficial decision and wise investment of your money.
As pioneers in the Options business, we at VISCOM have been instrumental in introducing quality accessories at regular intervals keeping up with the continuous technical innovations, we have constantly updated ourselves with the latest in the Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Printers, Networking & Security System segment.
As strategic partners for major solution partners we have tried to bring everything in Option business under one roof and have gained confidence when it comes to providing Technical, Commercial or logistic support . With our customer friendly helpdesk and a serious intent of working with clients of your repute we look forwards of doing business with you on long term basis. For knowing more please call us at the following numbers or visit us at
We're a highly experienced small IT consultancy with a range of services for businesses who want support and advice when they need it.
System design consultancies    
System analysis
Server and network servicing
Licensed Software advisory support
hardware repairs for PCs and office digital(Printers , UPS ETC) equipment
Security Systems
Web Solutions
E- mail Solutions
Dedicated Servers
Remote Data Backup
Data Recovery
We can provide round the clock service to your business, no extra charge for weekends or public holidays.    
Because of the diverse nature of our work, standard fees for specific services are available upon request. Just ring up and tell us what the job is, and we'll give you a quote for all basic services.

Consultancy fees are dependent on the work required.

We can do anything that any other computer service can do, and do it for you on the spot, No more sending your stuff away to be fixed, no more downtime.
Computer repair, Computer upgrades, Computer servicing, Computer building (You tell us what you want, we build it.) ,Computer peripherals repair and servicing (printers, etc.)

Computer advisory services

Just drop in, and have a look around. We're happy to be here, and we might be just what you need, when you need it. We provide our clients with the level of service that they demand.