We realize the importance of the quality of personnel in the overall quality of service rendered. VISCOM personnel have been carefully selected for their intelligence, resourcefulness, attitude and work ethic. In addition our engineers have extensive experience on a wide variety of hardware and software insures the quickest solution to the problem. This means we can isolate and correct the problem quickly, saving you time and money. VISCOM management is committed to customer satisfaction. With extensive backgrounds in the computer industry, their "hands-on experience is a direct result of having come up through the ranks, enhancing their understanding of what the customer needs and expects.  
  L Series - Ethernet Connection  
  X Series - Direct Connection  
  With VISCOM you hire a company, not just individuals. Our technicians utilize company-wide resources every day to solve the toughest problems. We have an extensive knowledge base of industry best practices that is tailored to provide the best solutions for your computing environment. We have support labs for testing and duplicating problems to help us resolve problems quicker. We have an extensive system for backing up our personnel and call escalation. All costs associated with training and educating a technical staff becomes the responsibility of VISCOM . We are technically strong and stand behind everything we do.  
  VISCOM assures its customer's consistent, high quality service by monitoring all facets of its operations through regular surveys. These regular surveys allow VISCOM management to gage the effectiveness of its customer service against the company's high standards. Among the survey areas are courtesy, responsiveness, product quality, response time, and professionalism. Through this system we can maintain the quality of service our customers expect. ;  
  VISCOM is to become the comprehensive resource for computer and network services(Total IT Solutions under one roof). Today's complex and emerging technologies, and heightened service needs make support services more crucial than ever. Your competitive edge hinges on having a service vendor with the skill, reliability, and experience to provide a wide range of service offerings at reasonable prices. A full service provider who can tackle all of your support requirements, not just some of them. VISCOM is a single source for all your IT related services needs.